Preparing Your Synopsis, Tagline, and More for Publishing

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How to Get Your Synopsis and Tagline Ready for Publishing

1. Write a detailed synopsis.

Generally, your synopsis should cover the major themes and plot points of your story. It should also include a description of the characters and their role in your book.

If your book has a unique narrative structure (letters, diary entries, flashbacks, poetry etc.) you don’t need to account for this in your synopsis. Unless, of course, it is necessary to explain your narrative choices.

3. Write the first chapter.

Many new authors struggle with writing the first chapter. They often try to include a lot of detail, and end up boring readers.

A good first chapter is a glimpse into the main character’s regular life right before the inciting incident. It should also introduce one or more value(s) that drive the story forward.

There is no predetermined formula for a perfect first chapter, but most successful ones have some things in common.

5. Create a blurb.

If you’ve read best-selling books in your genre, you’ll see that they have a certain formula. You need to find out what that is, and put your book concept through that same filter.

You want to create a blurb that gives enough info about the main character and plot to inspire a reader to buy the book. But how do you do it?

6. Create a tagline.

Your tagline is a short phrase that defines your work or your identity. It is a way to connect with readers and help them understand what type of stories you write.

Try not to go looking at other authors’ tags because it will only make you want yours to be better. Instead, ask friends and family to help you come up with something that is uniquely you.

10. Create a newsletter.

The Indie Author’s Toolbox is designed to help authors optimize for Kindle, but that doesn’t stop there. Too many authors are so focused on running KDP Free Days, Countdown Deals and cycling prices that they forget – millions of people don’t own a Kindle. A newsletter is a great way to reach them. Determine whether you have the resources, time and budget to create a newsletter.

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